Friday Faves November 28, 2014

How drool changed science forever

This fantastic article reviews a new biography of Ivan Pavlov, known for making dogs drool at the sound of a metronome (NOT A BELL!).  What we know about his study of physiology, what happened after he got his Nobel prize, and what drool can tell us about human psychology. Read all about it!

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The secret lives of leopards

GPS technology isn't just changing how we drive, it's changing how we study animals. New research shows that big cats in India live among people, sneak around at night and even rely on human-related food sources, which are plentiful enough to support multiple leopards on par with wilder, more protected regions.

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And more about big cats

There's going to be a Google+ hangout hosted by NatGeo on Wednesday, December 3rd, all about current research on big cats in India. Be there or be square!

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