Friday Faves December 19, 2014

Connecting technology, movement and emotion to study animals

Scientists are using accelerometers on various animals - from cockroaches to elephants - and correlating their movements with positive or negative experiences. So far they have found significant differences in how animals move their bodies during positive or negative states. This potentially gives us new, non-invasive tools for studying animal emotions! So cool! Now tell me, what does my Fitbit say about my mental state?

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Birds: Different play styles, different tool use

A recent study examined the "free play" style of different birds - crows and parrots - finding that New Caledonian crows, well-known for their tool use, were the most likely to engage in play behaviors previously thought limited to primates. Amount of play and tendencies toward tool use showed a correlation. Read about it here!

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What's in Your Food? Bugs and Poop

Even us vegetarians may be getting a healthy dose of aphids, maggots and rat poo (is that veg?) in our food. BuzzHootRoar brings some humor just in time for the holidays, examining the FDA rules on just what is allowed in our food to pass inspection. Check it out!

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