Friday Faves December 26, 2014

What? Last Friday Faves of 2014?

Did Santa leave an assault course for your backyard squirrels?

One of my fave blogs, GrrlScientist, proposes a squirrel maze as a lovely alternative to the chemistry set as a family science project. I couldn't agree more!

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Dog studies even Santa can get behind

Oh, another one of my favorite blogs! DogSpies had a long chat with Santa about which canine scientists were naughty and nice, and made a list of presents...oh, no wait, she came up with this awesome list of studies that came out this year about dogs! Awesome. Oh yeah, and bonus cat section too!

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Pod-cats? (a podcast about cats)

Check out this interview with John Bradshaw, feline scientist extraordinaire, and Michael Montague, who has been working hard to de-code the feline genome.

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Why can't scientists say what we mean?

Marc Bekoff investigates the title of a recent cow welfare study, which demonstrate how difficult it is for scientists to say what we mean in plain and simple language (short answer: that's not what journals want). He also discusses the implications of the study, which suggest that cows have individual, signature moos.

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