Friday Faves January 2, 2015

Bees need a break after all that social time

Bees sleep more after hanging out with bees than they do after spending time alone - five hours more! It could be the flood of information they have to process after encounter so many of their colony members - the extra sleep may help with learning and memory. Read more here!

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Urban wildlife: worth a closer look

As someone who studies the behavior of urban wildlife (fox squirrels), I get very excited when I hear about research done on other city species. This article takes a closer look at research being done on coyotes, bats, and the tiny but fascinating ant.

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Playing with dogs: are you doing it right?

One of the reasons I love reading DogSpies' blog is that there are so many interesting similarities and differences between our two fave companion animals, cats and dogs. In this blog post, DogSpies reviews some research on how humans initiate play with dogs, and how the dogs respond. Just like with cats, technique is important! But unlike cats, with dogs, the play with humans is more social, rather than focused on predation.

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