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All the squirrel news that's "fit to print" - squirrels got busy in November!

 Squirrels love the holiday season!

cinciEvery year, the Cincinatti Zoo has a “Festival of Lights” – with millions of beautiful lights for their holiday festival. The squirrels historically chewed the wires and removed light bulbs – burying them as if they were nuts – leaving the zoo to switch to LED and not hang the lights until the very last minute. The video is pretty awesome.

Squirrel damage seems to be a theme in the news these days, with this article: “Squirrels are cute until they cause property damage” which outlines the many ways squirrels can damage your attic, trees, and bird feeders.

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A festival of squirrels

Where in the world would more than 7000 people gather to celebrate squirrels with music, beer, fireworks, face painting and even a bridge for squirrels to cross the road without getting squished by cars? Longview, Washington, a place I really need to visit one day.

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Squirrel season has begun

For the record, I am a vegetarian and not exactly pro-hunting. But…last year was a mast year for many areas, and squirrel populations are up. Quotes like “it’s a good way to introduce kids to firearms” and “someone is bound to have a good recipe” are not exactly a fast track to my heart.

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Squirrels are newsmakers! They are in the news ALL THE TIME but you might be missing out. So I present you with "This week in squirrels."

Squirrel buries nut in...dog?

This video has some nice footage of the paw manipulations that squirrels perform when they find a nut, as well as the innate caching sequence behaviors (like digging, pushing (or tamping) the nut in with their teeth), and covering the nut with substrate....oh, wait, Bernese Mountain dog fur works too? Check it out!

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