About Me – Mikel Maria Delgado


I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley, working with Dr. Lucia Jacobs. My research interests include decision-making in the scatter-hoarding fox squirrel and the relationship between people and their companion animals. I'm deeply interested in how pets and urban wildlife can promote public interest in science.

I am a co-owner of the cat behavior consulting         business, Feline Minds and a website for punks in academia called PhdPunx.

In my free time, I DJ at Berkeley's radio station KALX and obsess over: my cats, reading dystopian novels, baseball, vegetarian food and my bicycle.


4 thoughts on “About Me – Mikel Maria Delgado

  1. Roberta Delgado

    Your wealth of knowledge astounds me. You answer so many questions that people have thought about yet have never searched on their own for the info. Keep up the great work and research. Love your blog.


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