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Squirrels cause power problems...

sanjoseA Bay Area squirrel caused a power outage which ultimately disrupted Caltrain service for commuters and cause phone problems for 42 local schools. Sources say the squirrel did not survive.




A squirrel also caused a power outage in Anderson, Indiana.

...and fire

A squirrel nested in a North Carolina attic, but then set its nest on fire after chewing on electrical cords. The second story of the home was damaged, but no humans were injured.

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There's been a lot of squirrel news recently. I'm here to update you.

Bag a squirrel, cause a school lockdown

A man hunting squirrels apparently caused a school lockdown in South Carolina when people reported seeing a man with a gun. He "bagged" two squirrels, no other injuries reported. More


 Red Squirrel Rising

Red squirrels in the UK appear to be on the rise, even as gray squirrel populations increase. More


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Berkeley to exterminate ground squirrels

While this isn't the species I study, I'm a big fan of ground squirrels. The problem, is of course, in part caused by humans feeding them; I always have to wonder if there's another way (hawks? dogs?)...You can read about it here

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